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TBUG Voice builds a better bike city

Making Launceston more bike friendly is the key task of the Pedestrian and Bike Committee of Council (PBC). TBUG has two seats on PBC. Thus we have a strong voice in how cycling in Launceston evolves. The two reps are myself and Malcolm Cowan. Follow our reports on the newsletter and let us know if you want anything raised. Malcolm Reid malkanga@bigpond.net.au

Upcoming Committee Meetings

The Committee meets every third Wednesday at the Newstead Tennis Centre 49 Olive Street, starting at 6.00pm. Every one is welcome to come along even if you dont want a job!!!

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Road Rules Relating To Bike Lanes

With new bike lanes and infrastructure being deployed throughout Launceston at the moment, now is a good time brush up on the rules. Below is an excerpt of some of the Road Rules specifically related to cycling. Remember to check www.thelaw.tas.gov.au for more/updat

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