TBUG launches new Launceston City Cycling Map

Our new map is a great way to cycle around Launceston. For the first time, all the off and on road bike trails and bike lanes are displayed in one simple and easy-to- read map. Get yours today at local cafes and various other spots around town. Or you can download it here. Thanks to the City of Launceston for their support.


TBUG argues for more appropriate sentencing

We have recently made a submission to the state government arguing for more consistency in the sentencing of drivers who injure or kill cyclists. Recently there have been some tragic examples of drivers injuring or killing cyclists and receiving inadequate sentences. Download our submission here


TBUG Voice builds a better bike city

Making Launceston more bike friendly is the key task of the Pedestrian and Bike Committee of Council (PBC). TBUG has two seats on PBC. Thus we have a strong voice in how cycling in Launceston evolves. The two reps are myself and Malcolm Cowan. Follow our reports on the newsletter and let us know if you want anything raised. Malcolm Reid malkanga@bigpond.net.au


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For current news and events check us out on Facebook - Tamar Bicycle Users Group


Road Rules Relating To Bike Lanes

With new bike lanes and infrastructure being deployed throughout Launceston at the moment, now is a good time brush up on the rules. Below is an excerpt of some of the Road Rules specifically related to cycling. Remember to check www.thelaw.tas.gov.au for more/updat


View Our Events On A Map

In case you're new to the area or are getting lost, you can now view the location of any of our events on a map! Just visit the Calendar page and click on an event to view its details. Read more...

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